South Florida Ave (SR 37) Corridor Study & Master Plan
South Florida Avenue Plan

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Community Engagement to Date

The following community engagement activities have occurred as part of the South Florida Avenue (SR 37) Corridor Study.

Local Host Committee Meetings:
The Host Committee, comprised of business owners, community leaders, and similar local representatives, assisted with scheduling meeting venues and extensive public outreach efforts.

Stakeholder Interviews:
More than 50 individuals were interviewed including elected officials, local property and business owners, public officials, and other members of the community.

Collaborative Vision and Design Workshop:
Participants developed ideas and proposed solutions to improve mobility, safety, quality of life and economic vitality along the South Florida Avenue corridor.
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Weeklong Public Design Studio:
The project team worked during the week, reviewing the community ideas and gathering additional public input with members of the public stopping in to provide suggestions.

A Work-in-Progress Presentation:
A presentation of the design ideas and initial plan findings based on the community’s input was provided. The public who attended shared comments and further direction on the development of the Master Plan for South Florida Ave.
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